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Our mission at is to be a resource for local jobseekers and employers in Bucks County, PA. We want to help get Bucks County back to work by “buzzing” around the community spreading the word about available jobs, news from employers and even highlighting local talent. Lastly, if we can add some fun to your experience with us, we will “bee” very happy.

We hope that when you visit our site, you will find it helpful. You will want to come back again as we’ll have new employers posting jobs every day!

Jennifer Schultz, CEO and President
Jennifer has lived most of her life in Bucks County, PA. She graduated from Pennsbury High School and has attended Bucks County Community College. With over 15 years of experience helping employers find the right match with candidates, she really understands the job hunting process from both the employer and job seeker side. She is well-known for her innovative and out-of-the box ideas when trying to recruit. She has planned and hosted many job fairs, employer summits and job seeker focus groups. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, baking, party planning, DIY projects, and coaching her son’s soccer team. Favorite TV shows: Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Devious Maids, Parks & Recreation. Favorite Movies – Star Wars, anything superhero (Spiderman, Superman), Transformers, musicals and any good “Rocomedy”! Favorite places in Bucks County: Historic Fallsington, Core Creek Park, and Pennsbury Manor. Reach out to Jennifer for your recruitment consultation.

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Ashley Schultz, Client Services & Web Development

Currently majoring in Computer Science at Bucks County Community College, Ashley has a hand in everything from helping make career fairs happen to handling tech support. Inspired by the boom of the Internet and new technology in the early 2000's that shaped her childhood, she helps bring new ideas to the table to improve the user experience on RecruitmentQueen. Ashley spends her free time reading comics, watching superhero movies and shows, coding, and playing video games. Her absolute favorite superhero is Tony Stark. Her favorite comics are Invincible Iron Man (2015) and Hawkeye (2012). She also keeps up weekly with the Japanese comic World Trigger. Her favorite shows are Netflix's Jessica Jones, Last Week Tonight, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

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Keith McCrea, Creative Designer, Photographer – Naga76 Creative, LLC.

Keith has been designing award winning advertising & marketing campaigns for over 10 years. He does not just deal in print design or web design, he deals in the creative. That magical ball of imagination, swirling deep in the back of our minds that gives birth to some of the most awesome things on the planet.

From the age of 3, he was scribbling and doodling on anything that he could get his hands on (sometimes to the chagrin of his mother and her nice white walls) and his creativity has continued to grow and change into what it is today. Going to college for his degree in design was a perfect choice for him, because not only did it fine tune his doodling into a serious design skill but it also opened the doors up to his love for photography and the creative melding of the two. Throw on the fire the creative writing that he had been honing since his teenage years and you have the making for a eclectic, creative and imaginative dish of design.

He is a photographer, a poet and a writer. Keith has made it his business to fulfill customer’s needs and creative desires and make their visions into visual concepts that meet or exceed expectations. What holds this all together and drives him forward – his curiosity for things large and small, the big hugs that he receives from his children, the smile from his wife and the smile on the clients face when they see their finished product.

You will find Keith ready to help attract talent to your organization through visual stimulation and as our on-site photographer at RecruitmentQueen events.

Lauri Engler, Freelance Writer

Lauri has over 20 years of experience writing for the media, including copywriting, scripting, web content, blogs and press releases. She has worked for advertising agencies and newspaper organizations as well as serving as the communications coordinator for several corporate organizations. She also works as an editor for user manuals, employee orientation materials, articles and full-length manuscripts. For the last two years she has been accepting freelance writing and editing assignments from both current and new clients.


Ron Palmieri, Videographer & Producer

Ron’s passion lies in telling stories. Whether it’s the mission of a company or the life of an individual, conveying a message that people want to hear is so important to him. The best way to do this is by making interesting videos. Combining excellent writing and eye-catching visuals is a talent that Ron is very proud of. Having also maintained social media accounts, written public facing corporate communications, and engaged in the rebranding and remessaging of a company, Ron understand the ins and outs of marketing and how to make a content piece extend its reach to the audience that needs to see it.

Our Partners

Bucks County Herald

Joseph G. Wingert, Publisher

Founded in 2002 by Joseph T. Wingert and Bridget Wingert, the Bucks County Herald reaches more than 160,000 readers* weekly. The Herald is distributed to more than 300 locations throughout Central and Upper Bucks County, and Mercer and Hunterdon Counties, NJ. The online replica edition, with more than 30,000 impressions per week, can be found at In 2015, the Herald continues to be operated by the Wingert family with Bridget Wingert serving as President and Editor, and Joseph G. Wingert serving as Publisher.

*Scarborough Research, 2015

Logic Melon

LogicMelon is an award-winning, job posting and candidate management technology company, offering bespoke solutions to the recruitment and candidate experience needs for both staffing agencies as well as corporate HR departments. In a nutshell, LogicMelon makes recruiting and managing candidates an easy, engaging adventure. LogicMelon’s cloud based software is a smart but simple hybrid of a ‘lite ATS’ meets multi job poster. LogicMelon is integrated with thousands of job boards, not to mention all major social media channels.

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